Travelers and residents alike within the United States can run into difficulties getting postage stamps to mail bill payments, send postage cards, or letters to loved ones. There are quite a few post offices scattered across the country, but you are not always guaranteed to be close and it can be a hindrance when in a location that is unfamiliar then this Guide Where to buy stamps help you out.

US Postal Service : Where to buy stamps

There are options in finding locations where you can buy stamps. Such as pharmacy like CVS sell stamps. The first, and most obvious, is the USPS. If you are lucky enough to see an office nearby, you have it made. All you have to do is catch the office when it open for business and purchase all the stamps you need. They also offer a smartphone app where you can order stamps and have them delivered to your address. Below are a few other options that you might find more convenient.

The USPS offers the full range of shipping products that you can purchase at the same time. Paper, pens, envelopes, boxes and overnight shipping are all available.

Mail Carriers

If you can catch the mail carrier, they generally carry a roll of stamps in their vehicle. They are always on the move, so you have to be quick. You may have to wait for them as they deliver mail on the street, but the payoff is having access to individual and multiple postage stamps.

Hours of Operation:

It is tough to determine the hours that the postal delivery personnel is out. They typically run Monday through Saturday, but may not be out for an entire workday. 8 am to 3 pm are the most opportune times.

Mailing Supplies:

You will not be able to get anything more than stamps from a mail carrier.

Does Walmart sell stamps?

Yes, you will find that most Walmart’s across America sell postage stamps. They are normally sold through the Walmart Money Centers at the front of the store. They used to be held at the Customer Service counter, but the reconfiguration undergone due to the expanded financial services and payment options, they have developed an entirely separate area that deals with money orders, money transfers and the sales of postage stamps. Check out more about Does Walmart sell Stamps? or not.


Walmart is unable to sell postage stamps singly. You are required to buy an entire book of 20 stamps. This may not be the best option if you plan only to use one, or two.

Hours of Operation:

To purchase postage stamps from Walmart, you have to go to the Money Center desk during their hours of operation. This is generally 8 or 9 am to 9 p.m.. There are many Walmart Super centers that stay open 24-hours, but the Customer Service and Monet Centers do not stay open continually.

Pool the Funds, Share the Stamps:

Find out if anyone else in your circle of family, friends, or traveling companions that might need postage stamps. Pool the money and share the stamps. It can make the purchase of a book more affordable and reasonable.

Mailing Supplies:

Walmart will not be able to sell you envelopes at the Money Center counter, but you have the option to purchase envelopes, paper, pens and gift cards in the store. There are even sections in the store that offer larger packaging and mailing solutions, including padded envelopes, cardboard boxes and boxing tape.

Where can I buy stamps if there is no Walmart or United States Post Office close to my location?

Focusing on businesses that require the use of stamps for their own business operation, or to assist customers in doing business will lead you to some of the best sources available for postage stamps. Businesses love to try and outdo one another in customer service. It is how they help bring in returning business. This means you are likely to find postage stamps in what you might otherwise consider unlikely. Below are a few of these resources you will find useful when searching where to buy stamps.

1. Bank

Banks are a necessary business in every community, large and small. Nearly everyone has the need to cash checks, use debit cards and get credit for loans and other financial products, even off in the most remote locations in the US. Banks also have needs to mail product offerings, bank statements and other paperwork to existing customers. These institutions are also vitally aware of the needs of their customers to mail payment checks, receipts and other notarized items. They are an excellent source of postage stamps and you can normally buy them individually, as well as in quantity.


Drive-thru only locations are difficult to access if you are on foot. Try and find a location that has a traditional bank lobby.

Operational Hours:

Bank lobby hours can vary, but they are normally 9 am to 4 or 5 pm Monday through Fridays, with limited hours on Saturday, if at all.

Mailing Supplies:

You should be able to get the postage stamp you need at a bank, but they are not normally able to supply you with paper, or envelopes for writing letters and mailing.

2. Grocery Stores

Food is another necessity of life that has allowed for the growth of chain stores popping up in all but the most remote locations of the country. Along with food, most have opted to carry many inedible items for cleaning, maintaining the car and small lines of clothing. The Customer Service desk has grown to accommodate the bill paying and money-sending market as well. It is far more common to find that they offer the sale of postage stamps, than not.

Hours of Operation:

Customer Service desks at grocery stores will also work on limited business hours. They do not generally open until about 8 am and close at 8 or 9 pm. It depends on the store, location and traffic they get to the counter. The grocery stores in smaller communities might close earlier than expected due to no business. They may end up staying open a little later to accommodate a rush of business.

Mailing Supplies:

Most large grocery stores will have a full line of paper, pens, greeting cards and envelopes. Some carry other packaging supplies, but it is usually not the full line up.

3. Office Supply Chains

Office Depot is one example of an office supply chain of stores that is found in nearly all big US cities. Most of their locations are open until 9 pm, which makes it easier to find and get to a location than some of the other choices. It is hard to miss the big bright red letters over the store entrance. They are normally found in strip mall areas of town.

Where to buy stamps in Office Depot:

You will not be able to purchase postage stamps at the traditional check-out counter. You have to go all the way to the back of the store where they do copies and other services. That is where they have the stamps located. Many locations offer metered services as well, which helps save you money on packages you want to send in the mail.

Mailing Supplies:

Office supply chain stores offer the full range of products you need to mail letters and packages. Some might have a limited greeting card selection. You can typically pay using cash, credit, or debit cards.

4. Drug Stores and Chain Pharmacies

This is one source of postage stamps that may, or may not prove fruitful. Many chain stores like Walgreen’s carry stamps in select markets. Many mom and pop pharmacies are also in the business of carrying stamps and pre-stamped envelopes. You will have to ask with this type of store individually.

Hours of Operation:

Many pharmacies are open 24-hours. You can usually get stamps at any time if they have them available. Simply ask at the counter and they will point them out if they are shelved. They will provide them from behind the counter at some locations, once you have made the purchase.

Mailing Supplies:

Pharmacies have evolved to carry a wide selection of small, holiday and event oriented gifts, envelopes, paper, writing supplies, packaging supplies as well as stamps. Greeting card aisles are common in most pharmacy locations. It has expanded from simple “get well” messages, to birthdays, anniversaries and all-occasion specialties.

5. Amazon

Buying products from Amazon appeal to the masses because they carry almost anything you need for any project, hobby and occupation. They are a great source for buying stamps in quantity. The rate will not be any cheaper than the post office, but the service is dependable and the stamps are sent to you. It takes having to search for a source out of the picture.

Hours of Operation:

You can order from Amazon any time of the day or night, whether it is a holiday, or after traditional business hours.

Mailing Supplies:

One great feature about ordering from Amazon is that they will recommend associated products that others purchased at the same time. You will find a full array of mailing products for packages, letters and cards. These items are where you might find incredible savings.

Where can I buy stamps in isolated areas?

It may seem challenging to find postage stamps in more rural areas of the country. Anyone that has moved from the city has had to ask the question of where to buy stamps at some point, especially if the post office is in a neighboring town. These communities are very aware of the difficulties and try to make accommodations. Below are a few valuable resources you can try when finding yourself extremely isolated in areas without much business.

6. Gas Stations and Convenience Stores:

There are some communities that have very little in the way of existing business, other than the little local convenience store, or gas station. It is worth dropping by to ask if they sell postage stamps. You might be pleasantly surprised. Many of these small stores do in rural areas, especially if they also provide money orders and money wiring services.

Hours of Operation:

These types of establishments may not be open 24-hours in a sleepy community. The earlier you can check on stamp availability, the better.

Mailing Supplies:

These types of businesses rarely carry much in the way of mailing suppliers. You might be able to locate one that offers pre-stamped envelopes and writing utensils.

7. Hotel and Motel Offices

The smallest communities usually have some sort of hotel and motel chain nearby. The larger interstate highway exits are the most likely locations. The clerks can offer postage stamps at some locations. You can normally get a hold of a clerk at any hour of the day or night, but they are limited on what supplies are available. The concierge desk for many hotels might offer stationary and envelopes, but it is usually reserved for guests.

8. Printing Shops and Book Stores

It is not unusual to see a printing office or bookstore in a location that seems in the middle of nowhere. It pays to stop and ask if they might have a postage stamp they could and would sell. It varies widely as to their ability to accommodate stamps, envelopes and other mailing supplies. The hours of the business are normally banking hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

9. Apartment Complex Office

Increasingly, large apartment complexes are assisting in making life easier for residents by providing small necessary items like stamps. It never hurts to stop and ask, especially if you are stuck off in a rural area. They are more likely to have this service available.

More Traditional Sources for Where to Buy Stamps

10. FedEx Copy Centers

You are in luck if you are near a FedEx Copy Center. They offer full-service mailing supplies for letters, cards, postcards and packages. You can choose to drop the mail there, or purchase stamps to take with you.

Hours of Operation:

These businesses typically open early and stay open until about 6 or 7 pm.

Mailing Supplies:

FedEx Copy Centers provide envelopes, domestic and international stamps, packaging supplies, stationary, cards and all levels of priority delivery.

11. UPS Store

All UPS Stores provide postage stamps, either by the book of 20 or individually. They also offer pre-stamped envelopes to make it simpler. You have to make sure it is not a package center. These are reserved for sorting and placing mailing orders that are handled by corporate accounts. It must be a smaller UPS Store for it to offer postage stamps to the general public.

Hours of Operation:

They are typically open by 8 am and close at 6 or 7 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are determined by location.

Mailing Supplies:

You will find the full range of mailing and packaging supplies. Cardboard boxes, envelopes, stationary, cards, packing popcorn, packaging tape and courier services are all available at one location. You can even have mail delivered general delivery, which is helpful if you are on an extended camping vacation and need a temporary delivery address for important mail.

12. Private Mail and Post Box Services

Many home operated and smaller businesses choose to rent post office boxes through private sources. There are companies that cater to the mailing needs of individuals and corporations both. The clerk here can offer you postage stamps individually or in sheets, or books. The wait in line is usually much less than at the traditional post office and pricing is about the same.

Hours of Operation:

The main halls of these businesses are often kept unlocked so that people with rented boxes can access their mail, but the offices are only open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday is dependent on location and personal business rules and regulations.

Mailing Supplies:

You will find that these types of businesses offer just as much variety in mailing supplies as the USPS. You can get stamps, writing utensils (or borrow theirs), stationary, cards and packing materials.

13. Check Cashing and Pay Day Loans

There are plenty of quick Pay Day loan and check cashing companies that are offering at least the basics in mailing supplies. Stamps and envelopes are normally the extents of it, but some have set up small business centers where you can print and copy, as well as find the supplies you need to mail important documents, letters and payments.

Hours of Operation:

The hours of operation for these types of businesses vary, but they typically open right before heavy business hours and stay open a little past the time most people would be getting off work. They can range from 7 am to 9 pm in some locations.

Mailing Supplies:

All items will be very limited, but some locations offer postage stamps, envelopes, pre-stamped envelopes and copy services.

Where to Buy Stamps: Eclectic Locations

You may find that you are in a location where none of the previous options work. There are some more non-traditional places to look for stamps. Your first clue is to look for signs that indicate they offer bill payment or money wiring services. The most off-beat locations can be the best source for mailing supplies and stamps.

Where can I buy stamps in a business district?

You may find yourself in a strange town for a business convention and do not want to venture too far from where you are. If your hotel cannot accommodate your postage stamp need, you will have to venture further out to try and find a source. Below are a few recommendations for this particular situation.

14. Business Supply and Stationery Outlet

Companies that provide office furnishings might also have areas of the store dedicated to stationary and office supplies. They may have stamps available for a nominal charge. Availability and hours they are open will vary widely.

15. Full Newspaper and Magazine Stores

Many large business districts cater to the business crowd by offering locations that have every available newspaper and magazine known to be published. Some will offer an area of the store that is dedicated to small business needs, including mailing supplies and stamps. Once again, this may be a wash, but it never hurts to venture inside and ask.

Where to Buy Stamps in Tourist Areas

Traveling does have perks. You can often find postage stamps in areas that would not exist in a non-tourist location. Below are a few of the places to look when you are out and about taking in the local sites.

16. ATM Machines

This is typically a West Coast thing at the moment, but some ATMs are offering the purchase of postage stamps. The problem is trying to find one that is not already sold out. It has become a popular feature that is heavily used. This will expand to all areas of the country soon.

Hours of Operation:

ATMs are accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Mailing Supplies:

There are no options for anything other than postage stamps through an ATM.

17. Cafe Gift Shop Combinations

Cafes and gift shops that cater to the tourism industry will often offer the bare essentials of mailing supplies. Stamps and envelopes are sold to help boost their sales of bumper stickers and postcards.

Hours of Operation:

There are some cafes and gift shops that are open every day, all day and night. It is an individual ownership decision and can vary wildly.

Mailing Supplies:

This is also a very individual list. Some places will offer stamps only. Others will include stationary, envelopes, cards and packaging supplies. Many also have a mail slot to help promote sales of mail-able items.

18. Truck Stops

Truck stops have become full-service centers that cater to the out-of-town guest. Most provide money wire services, bill pay and a wide assortment of mailing supplies. You can generally find postage stamps individually, or by the book.

Hours of Operation:

Truck stops are open 24-hours all days of the week, including holidays.

Mailing Supplies:

Most large truck stops offer all types of mailing and packaging supplies. They are catering to a crowd that spends most of their time on the road. You can often find a mail drop box as well.

Where to Buy Stamps: Truly Off-Beat Locations

19. Hospital Gift Shops

One of the lesser thought of options is to visit the gift shop of a large local hospital. There are patients that remain for long periods of time and end up in need of postage supplies. This is one area you can check and might be surprised at the results.

Hours of Operation:

Hospital gift shop hours tend to coincide with the visitation hours. This will vary by hospital, but it is normally a couple of hours in the morning and again for a couple of hours in the evening.

Mailing Supplies:

They rarely offer much beyond, thank you cards, post cards, stamps and stationary.

20. Museums

Visiting a local museum can be a great way to learn more about the area. It can also pay off if you are trying to find out where to buy stamps. They almost always have an internal gift shop that sells postcards. They will often sell stamps with each postcard purchase. The drawback is you might have to purchase the postcard in order to have access to purchasing the stamp.

Hours of Operation:

Most museum gift shops are open during the same hours as the museum itself.

Mailing Supplies:

It is rare to find much in the way of mailing supplies beyond postcards and stamps.

21. Stamp Machines

Most post offices used to have machines for purchasing stamps, but have since closed most of those services down. You can still find the occasional machine in areas that are heavily traveled by tourists. These can found in the lobbies of restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other general merchandise locations. You simply add coins, pull a lever and the stamps appear in a slot at the bottom of the machine.

Hours of Operation:

This will fully depend on the hours of the business that has the machine. The largest problem is not having the correct change, or the machine being out of the stamps you need.

Mailing Supplies:

Much like the name of the machine, stamps are all that this equipment offers.

Where can I buy stamps from home?

The question of where to buy stamps from your home has gotten easier over the years with the advent of internet technology. Below are a couple of the best resources to help you stay on top of postage stamp needs.

22. Home Metered Stamp Services

There are companies, such as that allow you to have a postage meter at home to stamp all of your outgoing mail. Al you have to do is add money to your account and you can meter all of the mail necessary. This is a convenient resource for home businesses.

Hours of Operation:

Since this equipment is used at home, you can do this anytime, day or night. You add money to your account online. It is available to your account quickly.

Mailing Supplies:

You have the ability to order other types of mailing supplies at a discounted rate from services like this.

23. Printable Mailing Labels

Having a copy machine can prove useful. There are mailing services that allow you to pay for postage and print out viable shipping labels. This is also a service that can be done at any time of the day, weekend, or holiday. You add the shipping label and leave it for the post to pick up and deliver. Larger packages will have to be dropped at a post office.

Stamp and Mailing Supply Ordering Phone Apps

There are countless companies on the internet that allow you to download an app and order all of the stamps and mailing supplies you need. You pay for them up front and they are delivered to your home or business address. This is one way to eliminate the burning question of where to buy stamps.

Where can I buy stamps that are customized?

Customized stamps are a new trend that has the business world buzzing. There are several sources that allow you to choose the designs, colors and other features of postal stamps. The USPS is one such source. You can have fun and create a custom look for your business or personal enterprise. The selections are wide and cover a whole host of interests and tastes.

Am I saving money buying stamps in bulk?

You will find that postage stamps are not typically sold at a discount, no matter where you are sourcing them. Most businesses offer stamps to customers as a convenience. They are not making any real profit off of their sale. Buying an entire book of stamps is not practical if you only use one or two a year. The best reason to have them on hand is to avoid asking where to buy stamps in an area you know nothing about.

Now That You Know Where to Buy Stamps

The sources for purchasing postage stamps can seem like many, but your best options will come from the top outlets listed. You can gradually work your way down to the more eclectic and unexpected sources. Your best bet is to find a local post office. From there you can try Walmart and move on to other private businesses that may, or may not be able to help.

Make sure you are placing enough stamps on any item you are sending in the mail. Thicker, heavier cards and letters may require more than one stamp. Add two in cases where you are not sure. Your next chore may be locating a drop box for the mail. You can be sure in a heavy traffic area that there is a mail drop box somewhere close by. Ask businesses close to your location. Your hotel or motel should be able to place any outgoing mail you have with their own.

If you travel frequently, keep a zip-lock bag with extra stamps, stationary and envelopes in your suitcase. You will never feel regrets about staying prepared!

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