Buy Stamps at a CVS Near Me

It never fails that the need for postage stamps seems to happen at the most inopportune time. Directing your car to the nearest post office might seem like a nightmare in traffic. There is an alternative source that few know about. Keep an eye out for the nearest CVS pharmacy. You can buy stamps at CVS. You can take advantage of many of the other quality products and services offered by this pharmacy chain. The CVS pharmacy sells individual stamps, books and all of the supplies I need for mailing. You just need to find out CVS near me /you to buy postage stamps.

CVS near me

Postage Stamps and Mailing Supplies at CVS

Does CVS sell postage stamps? Yes, of course!. If you are out of your normal area, CVS has everything available to get important documents, or items mailed. The CVS sells stamps individually and in books. It is much easier to spot a CVS store in a strange and unfamiliar town than it is to try and, locate a post office. You may still have to seek out a post office to mail a package, but you only need to find a drop box for cards and letters. Those are generally available throughout the business districts of most cities.

The only problem I have experienced is when the CVS store is out of postage stamps. This is not often but can happen. At that point, simply locate another CVS nearby. It is a rare occasion that they are all out of stamps. Most areas of any size have a CVS pharmacy. This is handy information to have and will help you avoid getting lost in unfamiliar territory. You will not pay any more for the stamps there than at a local post office. In fact, you might pay a little less if you have a rewards card. It is worth the stop if you are in need to purchase postage stamps.

Locate CVS near me that sells postage stamps

Finding the CVS near me location closest to you is as easy as getting online and using the simple store locator. You have the option to browse by state. All you have to do is put in your present location and it will provide a list with the closest being first. You can sort by 24-hour service, drive-thru, and locations with Minute Clinic. Never has found the location of a particular business been this easy. It will tell you how far away it is, the hours of operation and provide a map for easier navigating. Go to CVS website and you will be directed right to the store locator.

Check google map to find out CVS near me /you that sells postage stamps:

History of CVS Pharmacy

The Consumer Value Store was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963 through the holding company Melville Corporation. The current parent company name, CVS Health, was derived in 1996 from their own company ranks. There were a few stores that offered nothing but general merchandise, but real success came when they incorporated prescription medication fulfillment. They are now the leading pharmacy in the United States, with an impressive 9,800 stores and 240,000 employees. There is bound to be one close by, no matter where you reside in the US.

The growth of CVS has outpaced the closest competitor, Walgreen, by leaps and bounds. CVS is ranked the 7th largest US company by Forbes 500, whereas Walgreen’s comes in at number 37. They serve an estimated 5 million customers each year. The addition of the Minute Clinic, where you can receive onsite medical checks has helped bring in the customers by large numbers during the cold and flu season. The initiation of a diabetes clinic at specific locations has added another layer of popular services to the continually growing company. The CVS store offers the diabetes clinic and it ensures that the older population will be shopping there faithfully.

The Evolution of Success

The CVS store has undergone radical changes in looks. Everything about the layout and decor has been updated. This is a smart move by CVS to stay fresh and hip with the younger consumer. A popular type of store back in the 1960’s and 70’s was the classic “dime store,” which earned the term due to the seemingly endless amounts of items that were at low cost. CVS strives to keep the fun of that era alive with a wide selection of items that are not easily found in other stores. The variety can keep you busy window shopping for a long period of time. Perfumes, cosmetics, costume jewelry, toys, and trinkets abound at nearly every location.

CVS has been wise in expanding item selections to help cover the busy business sector. The CVS near me offers everything from paper, paper clips to a stapler. You can even buy stamps at CVS to mail letters and packages. Manila envelopes, packaging tape, printer cartridges and many other business related items can be found at reasonable prices. Virtually everything you need to package and mail items can be found on the shelves of CVS. It saves time and money from running around to a variety of locations or standing in a long line at the post office.

Electronics and Computer Accessories

One handy feature to the CVS store is the fact that they carry small necessary items for your electronic devices and computer, such as a mouse, keyboard or mouse pad. A limited number of chargers, cell phone cases, extension cords, and screen protectors. You can quickly run into a CVS and find the needed item and get back on your way. Find out more Where to buy stamps

Small electronic devices are in abundance at the CVS store near me. There are coffee pots, heaters and fans (seasonally), small stereos, weather band radios, walkies-talkie units, rice cookers and electric skillets. All items seem to be at competitive prices. There are myriads of items to choose from to use as gifts for any occasion. You can then find the needed packaging materials and buy stamps at CVS to send them off. Holidays can be the best time to find the unique electronic items and accessories. There are plenty of themed merchandise to help you stay in the spirit of the holiday. You might find dancing snowmen in the winter and singing Easter bunnies in the spring.

Pharmaceuticals and Mobility Aids

CVS places a huge emphasis on safety in pharmaceutical handling, filling and refilling. The CVS store near me uses a system of checks and balances that help ensure you are getting the correct prescription. They accept most forms of insurance and discount drug cards and are happy to get the qualifying answers from your insurance provider right away. There is rarely a long wait for medications, with the exception of the busiest parts of flu season. You can always get a flu shot at CVS and skip that busy scene altogether.

Illness, injury, and aging can leave an individual needing mobility aids. A broken leg or seriously sprained ankle will call for the use of crutches. Canes, walkers, portable seats and bedside commodes are all available at the CVS near me. The friendly staff can tell you how much of the cost is covered by your existing health insurance plan. You may qualify for some of these needed devices for little to no cost if it is prescribed by your treating physician. They offer one of the most comprehensive selections available. Heating pads, foot massage units, humidifiers, and nebulizers can all be had at an affordable price.

First Aid and Personal Care Products

You can buy stamps at CVS, but you might want to also take a tour of the excellent selection of first aid supplies. Bandages, splints, swabs, rubbing alcohol, iodine, peroxide and triple antibiotics are all available in abundance. The CVS near me carries specialized inserts for shoes and joint braces as well. They have all of your home remedy needs under one roof. Aromatherapy oils, aspirin, cold and flu medications and laxatives are all helpful at one time, or another. You can stock up on needed items while you wait for your prescription to be filled.

Having a huge selection of personal care and beauty products is a hallmark attribute of the CVS near me. Nearly any major brand of shampoo and conditioner, antiperspirant, vitamins, hair colorants, straighteners, and perms are all there. Choose from popular brands of cosmetics, perfumes, colognes, fingernail polish and hair accessories. Curling irons, hair dryers, and styling combs will help finish the look of sophisticated elegance. The CVS near me carries all the items needed to create a healthy and attractive look. There is also a full line of feminine hygiene products and baby items. Diapers, formula, and bottles can be purchased in one stop.

Electric Items and Gifts

The CVS near me has been the best place to shop to find the more unusual gifts for friends and family. You never want to send the same old boring gifts year after year. Decorative picture frames, key chains, and adorable stuffed animals can be wrapped in ornate gift wrapping, or you can choose from a selection of classy gift bags. The luxurious brands of chocolate offered are the perfect gift choice for the friend that craves the finer things in life.

There are quite a few snack items to choose from at the CVS near me. I find these to be great motivational gifts for my college friends and those always on the go. There always seems to be that one friend or family member that is really hard to shop for. You never know what they want. CVS has the perfect solution. You can get them a gift card and let them choose a gift on their own. It is a no-hassle way to guarantee you made the right gift choice. The cashier can load the card with the amount of your choice. This is a great way to gift children for birthdays. They are always thrilled to pick out their own selection of gifts.

Stationary and Office Supplies at CVS

You can buy stamps at CVS, plus you can buy everything you need to mail cards, letters, and packages. Loose-leaf paper, notebooks, binders, address books, memo books and all sorts of stationery are readily available at the CVS near me. The prices are comparable to large general merchandise outlets. Envelopes of all sizes, packing material, packing tape and address labels will help you complete your mailing project.

Running in for a quick grab of needed office supplies is a common scene at the CVS near me. Index cards, file folders, printer paper, printer cartridges, and pens are in high demand most weekdays. The knowledge that these smaller items can be purchased without the hassles of long lines is an attractive feature to CVS customers. There are a number of office accessories that can help with organization, such as dry erase and pin boards. There is a full line of school supplies that will keep your students happy and make top grades.

Money Centers and Minute Clinic

One of the large draws for the CVS near me is the ability to send and receive money. It can make a big difference when you are trying to get a bill paid quickly or have a loved one in need of immediate funds. All incoming transfers are done through an automated phone system for security and privacy. Safety and security for sender and receiver are a top priority. You will also find a selection of pre-paid credit cards that can have funds loaded at the check-out. You can also find pre-paid phone plan cards for most major cellular carriers. These are both great items for last minute gift ideas, but you want to be sure you know which cellular service they use if you opt to get the phone card.

The Minute Clinic works with local health providers at the CVS near me to bring basic healthcare services to customers at a reasonable price. This is the perfect solution if you are feeling a little queasy, or have a sore and scratchy throat. They can make a quick diagnosis and write a prescription if needed. You can then fill this prescription right where you are. It is the ultimate in convenience. Please keep in mind that it is not an emergency care center, but a light clinic for basic ailments.


Although many people do not realize it, you can buy stamps at CVS. Also you can check Does Walmart sell Stamps?. The CVS near me nearly always has them on hand and it gives me the opportunity to get the envelopes, paper, or cards I want to mail out at the same time. One-stop shopping cannot be beaten. If you have never ventured into a CVS, this is the perfect time to see everything you have been missing. The ongoing upgrades will only improve what is an excellent shopping experience already. The next time you find the need of a stamp, think CVS.